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[:fr]Usinage de profilés[:en]Beam lines[:]

Beam lines

Vernet Behringer beam lines enable drilling / sawing punching / shearing or coping of almost all types of profiles. These beam lines are incredibly flexible and versatile to increase your productivity. Precise and efficient production machines for long products: profiles, welded beams, RHS, etc.

[:en]Plate lines[:fr]Plats & tôles[:]

Plate lines

Vernet Behringer plate lines serve to punch, drill and cope steel plates and gussets. Efficient, simple and flexible units enable multiple configurations and can be adapted to all manufacturer specifications. Used to produce medium and high-thickness plates and gussets.

[:en]Angle lines[:fr]Usinage de cornières[:]

Angle lines

Vernet Behringer angle lines cover all your machining operations: marking, punching, drilling, shearing, sawing, notching and edge milling. These machines combine high work rates and great ease of use. They are ideal for manufacturers of lattice towers and structural steel builders seeking maximum productivity and precision machining. Angle sections from 30 x 3 mm to 350 x 40 mm.