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HD-Xevo: Vernet Behringer new multispindle drilling milling machine

HD-XEVO, Vernet Behringer new drilling milling machine for profiles will make its world premiere at Euroblech fair. It will replace the HD-X machine presented for the first time at EMO Hannover in 2011 and keep its key feature – additional axes with 500 mm stroke, improving working speed and machining possibilities:

  • Rotation speed increased up to 4000rpm for faster carbide drilling
  • Even more rigid frame equipped with reinforced spindles, use of prestressed linear guides and ball screw
  • Use of new exclusive milling tools allowing the fast processing never ever seen before in this field
  • Development of software solution allowing new notching cycles by milling, simultaneous drilling/milling and sawing (if permitted by part drawing) and 3D view of parts to be produced.

And of course:

  • Matchless productivity with the possibility to drill non-coaxial holes in flanges and web in hidden time.
  • Cycle time reduction with no clamping/unclamping operations between the holes within 500 mm window.
  • Highest accuracy between holes: +/-0.1 mm in drilling units positioning.
  • Fast and precise scribing with V-scoring system
  • Possibility to install in line high performances Behringer band sawing machine

For more information please contact us at contact.us@vernet-behringer.com or consult our web sites: www.vernet-behringer.com / www.partnersforsteel.com