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Specifically designed to suit the latest structural steel fabrication requirements for the production of all types of medium and high thickness plates and gussets, the MAGEVO can now be fully automatized, enabling the processing of plates one after another without any intervention from operator! To perform it, this machine is equipped with following modules:

  • Loading unit with suction pads that takes a plate from a pile and loads it onto the infeed conveyor. It is also possible to link the loading unit with an automatic plate storage system.
  • Processing unit with automatic 14-tool changer for the drilling unit and 6-torch changer for the plasma unit so that the machine can process very different jobs on different thicknesses without any tooling limitations.
  • Unloading device with magnetic tool mounted on a Cartesian robot to take cut parts out of the machine and store it into a programmed area thanks to integrated palletizing software module. This robot can unload nearly any size of parts by using different magnetic tools depending on part’s shape and dimensions (standard part size: from 200×100 mm up to 4000×2000 mm, can be customized to your needs).
  • Carriage with gripping clamps in order to automatically evacuate the skeleton once the plate has been fully processed and all parts unloaded on a dedicated area under the outfeed conveyor thanks to retractable rollers.
  • The next plate is then loaded onto the infeed conveyor and processed the same way!

Here is the video made at our Customer’s factory, Armand Moulet Company, presenting this full automatic installation for plate processing, the result of our close collaboration. We thank Mr. Laurent Moulet for opening the doors of his plant as well as Mr. Arnaud Vacherand from Metal Industries for the video!