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Along with mastering the punching technology, experienced and improved for more than 130 years, Vernet Behringer is also a pioneer in designing drilling machines fully dedicated to fast carbide drilling of profiles and plates.

Nowadays, the entire range of our machines is built for the industrial and economical use of carbide drilling and milling tools for high speed machining thanks to ultra-rigid machine frames, carefully selected high performances tools and specific spindle motor technologies providing high torque levels and rotation speed combined with low power consumption.

For instance the HD-XEVO2 machine is equipped with spindle motors combining high speed rotation required for drilling small diameter with carbide drills and important torque for large diameters (until 50 mm) HSS drilling application, all this contained in a 16 kW* at 400V power use (*S6-60% according to the standard IEC60034-1).

This is achieved using high range 6-pole Siemens spindle motors, providing a 50% higher nominal torque than a conventional 4-pole motor.

Moreover the 8000 rpm/min motor speed allows, after ½ transmission ratio, reaching 4000 rpm with doubled motor torque level.

The “direct drive” systems used on concurrent machines require a doubled nominal power to deliver the required torque at the right speed. In that case, on the one hand, the displayed power is misleading the customer because it does not match to the required torque/speed ratio, on the other hand it does not allow to drill larger holes diameter neither to drill faster.

The spindle drive largely dimensioned by Vernet Behringer allows to use 100% of the spindle power avoiding any overheating, even in intensive working conditions.

Last but not least, those “eco-efficient” engines anticipate the future European regulations on energy efficiency.