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  • Should I lean more towards entire or partial automation of my drilling/sawing line?
  • Would it be better to combine shot blasting equipment with sawing, drilling, notching machines by focusing on material flow or would it be better to make the workshop more flexible by splitting these functions and by making mobile the workshop teams (welders in particular)?
  • Should we evolve to ever more complex machining possibilities (fast drilling, milling, preparation of welds) or should we keep using basic techniques by only optimizing the workflow?
  • Beyond CNC machines, what kind of software solutions for production management should I choose for which functions, which controls and at what cost? …

These are some of the key questions that you, steel fabricators, have in the first place (ask yourself) when upgrading your machines fleet.

For Vernet Behringer, there’s no “one-size-fits all” solution available (to offer) without assisting our customer throughout his questioning and without identifying those needs (current and future) related to production (current and future) as well as desired organization in the workshop (present and future).

That’s why over the past 15 years, integrating these new challenges and constantly evolving to satisfy them has been a key priority for us. We are at the forefront in the field of fully automatic lines with automatic buffer stock management on infeed and automatic bar loading and gripping. Automatic unloading and sorting for all types of parts (scraps, short parts, long bars, mitre cuts) are managed by our specific fully CNC controlled outfeed carriage.

These lines can easily be connected with conveyors to minimize as much as possible the use of travelling cranes in order to reduce profiles handling times. They can also be combined to Rösler shot blasting / painting machines, our partner within P4S alliance (Partners for Steel, www.partners4steel.com).

We are at your service to support at every stage of your projects.

For more information and / or demonstration, please contact us at contact.us@vernet-behringer.com or consult our web sites:

www.vernet-behringer.com / www.partnersforsteel.com