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EVOpen Days – December 2017

Two years after having organized our “Tech Days”, Vernet Behringer will open its doors again on 6th and 7th December 2017 for structural steel fabricators, distributors and lattice towers specialists. The EVO range processing machines with a new design, more machining possibilities and new features will be placed at the heart of this 3rd edition named “EVOpen Days”:

  • MAGEVO: plate processing center combining marking, milling, drilling and 3D plasma cutting;
  • HD-SEVO: compact drilling, milling machine for profiles;
  • HD-XEVO2: the latest evolution of the HD-X, machining center for profiles combining drilling, milling and V-scoring scribing;
  • FGEVO: drilling, milling, marking and deburring machine for gusset plates.

Other equipment, such as the VP-X angle line and the RD-X plasma cutting robot, will be presented during this event.

You will also discover our latest developments in software and tooling, our new services as well as to exchange with other specialists around a buffet in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Eager to share this moment with us? Contact us for more information at evo-days@vernet-behringer.com or subscribe to our Open House by completing the form below: