Working in steel construction industry?

Our goal is to provide you with customized production equipment to suit your needs.

By choosing VERNET BEHRINGER, you will :

  • increase the productivity of your workshop
  • reduce your lead times thanks to the high productivity of our machines
  • overcome human resources and skills shortages, thanks to the high level of automation and versatility of our systems
  • optimize your production costs, thanks to unrivalled energy efficiency, long machine tool life and equipment reliability

Solidly based in Burgundy, subsidiary of a German family group leader on its markets, we are the heirs of an industrial know-how that we develop thanks to our technological expertise and our agility.

Proud of our identity, surrounded by our partners, it is with confidence and determination that we are building a beneficial future for all.

We design and manufacture machining systems and automatic production lines for mechanical engineering workshops, whether they are steel constructors, tower manufacturers or special equipment creators (agricultural equipment, etc.).

Fit for future

Behringer-Group Values

Fit for future

As a member of Behringer-Group we naturally share the same values. Our solid partnership, established in 1995, is a real strength to work more closely together on technical development and synergies in production and HR.


Our products meet the highest standards in all production stages. The heavy duty construction ensures both the best availability and longer life of your equipment (many of our customers' machines are over 50 years old!)

Innovative force

Focused on customer benefits, our engineers and technicians continuously work on innovative solutions for higher performances, energy efficiency and automation level.

Customer focus

We consider your satisfaction as our top priority. By listenning to your problematics and claims, we do our upmost to fullfil your requirements and help achieving your goals.


With a long history as a Dijon based machine manufacturer since 1882, our products have been used by generations of steel fabricators. Our aim is to perpetuate this tradition and keep on being your first choice machine supplier.