VPX94 - Versatile and ultra-productive angle line

Choose reliability and increase your productivity

The Vernet Behringer angle line VPX94 covers numerous machining operations: marking, punching, shearing and notching. This highly productive machine combines high work rates and great ease of use. The VPX94 is ideally suited for manufacturers of lattice towers and structural steel builders seeking maximum productivity for smaller angles up to 90 x 9 mm.

  • Angle line VPX94

  • CNC carriage and gripper

  • Loading chains with rotating arms

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  • High speed single cut shearing unit

  • Highly versatile disc marking unit

  • High speed marking barrel marking unit

  • Drill units above the angle: easy collection of chips and coolant

Features of the angle line VPX94





  • Unique design on the market
    for angle processing in ^ position, offering the best productivity and low operating costs.

  • Low operating costs
    Use of short punches is rigid and price effective.

  • Heavy-duty design
    Designed and manufactured for rough & tough working environments

  • Highest Productivity
    Heavy duty hydraulics and mechanical design suitable for continuous work af full load.

  • Optimum accessibility
    Vernet Behringer attaches great importance to the aspect of maintenance and servicing: All the important parts and components are very accessible. The open design offers direct access to all wearing parts, optimizing both maintenance and repairs.

  • Reworked hydraulic architecture
    reducing punching and shearing times up to 40%.

  • Quick tool changing
    thanks to excellent accessibility and ergonomics.

  • User-friendly software suite
    PRONC23D programming software for easy part import and programming with 3D display.

  • Operational everywhere
    The VPX94 can be specially adapted for use in particularly high or low temperatures.

  • Very compact machine
    with 4 punching units (2 per flange) facing each other in order to minimize the transfer time through the block.

  • Alternative version VPX92
    with 1 punching unit per flange.

Individual Configuration

The VPX94 anlgle line can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical data angle line VPX94

Capacity min 40 x 4 mm (option 35 x 3 mm)
Capacity max 90 x 9 mm
Punching Ø 4 (also available with 2Ø : VPX 92)
Punching power 40 tons
Shearing power 70  tons
Hydraulic notching option, up to 90 x 9 mm
Disc marking unit option, 40 positions
Barrel marking unit option, 80 tons, 8 positions, up to 15 characters/position
Feeding system CNC high speed carriage with hydraulic gripper
Tilting loading arms option
Storage chains and rotating arms option
Outfeed conveyor with tilting unloading arms standard
Removable element for unloading short parts option
Fully-automatic loading, gripping and unloading operations option
Multi-zone automatic part sorting option
Machine control PRONC23D programming software with 3D part display

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You have questions about our product range, need technical advice or you are looking for a sales partner near you?

Call us or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you.