Hotline and Helpdesk

Distance help and advice by specialists

Dedicated expert technicians conduct the diagnosis with your teams by taking control remotely and help you restart or reboot your machine to get it back into production very quickly. They can also perform software updates or provide you with advice on the purchase of wear parts and maintenance services.

In most cases and with the help of your teams, malfunctions can be quickly located and corrected by our remote support. This reduces downtime and therefore increases the productivity of your machine. Our online diagnostic system allows us to access a wide range of data (machine error history, production statistics, etc.) and identify the operating status in order to provide you with optimal assistance.

By using TeamViewer, we offer you the possibility of real-time visual assistance, which considerably improves remote maintenance and repair.


  • Quick and remote control
  • Diagnosis and elimination of faults
  • Live system updates
  • Individual support and advice
  • Real-time support

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